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led-o-matic joins current powerfull technolgies with the idea of openes. The Software is free (free as a beer and as the speech). Almost Hardware is also open.

Latest news

Preliminary website is online.
Device working with alternative control units. Debian running on NSLU2.
web based remote client with simple color picker running in browser.
arduino works with RGB LED stripe.
Basic initial implementation on Google developer Days Bootcamp 2010 organized bei GTUG. We can switch on/off the LED Nr13. on arduino with android phone over internet.


Android client

The sense of a new project for andorid remote client was given by need:

  • learn programing for android
  • building a software running on variety of androids, inpedent on resolution and hardware
  • discovering of advantages for writing native android code


The basic screen for remote consists from:

  • ColorWheel - view wich enables selct color from whole RGB color spectrum
  • ButtonsPad - predefined colors as Buttons Web colors
  • IntensitySlider - defines intisty of color


Androd offers with separated layouts in XML files great posibility to write software running seamlessly on variety of devices. Testing with:

  • T-Mobile G1 running the stock 1.6 firmware
  • HTC Desire

Every View has its own separate file and different layouts have been created by utilizing of include and merge tags as described Android Layout Tricks #2: Reusing layouts.

Screen orientation

The landscape and portraitt have a different layouts.