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led-o-matic joins current powerfull technolgies with the idea of openes. The Software is free (free as a beer and as the speech). Almost Hardware is also open.

Latest news

Preliminary website is online.
Device working with alternative control units. Debian running on NSLU2.
web based remote client with simple color picker running in browser.
arduino works with RGB LED stripe.
Basic initial implementation on Google developer Days Bootcamp 2010 organized bei GTUG. We can switch on/off the LED Nr13. on arduino with android phone over internet.



led-o-matic device

arduino firmware

on arduino runs AnalogFirmata firmware without any modifications. The software is distributed with samples with Arduino IDE software.

Seagate dockstar

Next piece of software should run on Dockstar from Seagate with openwrt as OS running on it. A simple python script sends html requests to server for getting a desired color a sending new analog values for R,G,B channels to arduino over USB with firmata protocol. But the first Seagate device didn’t stand my apemts to get OpneWrt running and 4 day before Christmas justs failed. So it was time for the plan B and old gut NSLU2 from basement did it.


server stores required color from remote device and gets it back to the led-o-matic device on request. The server is implemented on http protocol with RESTfull architecture, so color changes are posible with simple http requestests as folows:

curl -X POST -i -d "color=ff0000" http://led-o-matic.server.com/rr/L1/RGB/0

Remote clients

The first remote client was written as native code for android. But the use of simple web technolgies and protocol asks for writen of a cool html5 remote. Even google on the google devloper days 2010 didn’t get the ultimative answer to th equestion native or html, so we have written both.

native remote client for android

This client was written already on the beging by Michael Vogt and Michael Ludwig. I made only minor changes before Christmas 2010.

The project waken up my interests to write for android, so i january I decided to write a new client from scratch and finally got serious reson for a new Nexus One ;-)