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led-o-matic joins current powerfull technolgies with the idea of openes. The Software is free (free as a beer and as the speech). Almost Hardware is also open.

Latest news

Preliminary website is online.
Device working with alternative control units. Debian running on NSLU2.
web based remote client with simple color picker running in browser.
arduino works with RGB LED stripe.
Basic initial implementation on Google developer Days Bootcamp 2010 organized bei GTUG. We can switch on/off the LED Nr13. on arduino with android phone over internet.




arduino is great way to prototype simple devices. It has following advantages:

  • open harware and open source software
  • the heart is ATmega chip from Atmel
  • expandable with shields
  • great community (lots of samples, great forums, very good homepage)
  • amazing how easy&quick is to get to blink a led for the first time

Seagate dockstar

Seagate dockstar was oroginaly network area storage (NAS), disk storage running and accesible on the LAN. Running modern ARM CPU from Marwell on 1.2GHz with 1Gbit Ethernet interface is able to run proper linux distribution. The hardware is very similar to sheevaplug, but much cheaper. In the summer 2010 you could buy it for around 20€. Even now, after seagate stoped a production of the device, you can get it for 50€. It is just “no brainer” for the money for hacking.

The leds are connected to digital outputs on the arduino, so to control an intesity of LED and fro mixing of color we are using pulse wide modulation. Arduino makes it by hardware. we need just to used some transistors to switch 12V and drive enought current for the leds stripe (you need to switch 36W on the 5 meter of the stripe).